Celebrate: Conference for Female Artists

Problem: Female and female-identifying artists are severely underrepresented both in the media and in schools. We want to create more opportunities for female and female-identifying artists to feel supported, empowered and celebrated on campus.

Solution: We are proposing to hold a campus-wide symposium/conference on the topic of the underrepresentation of women in the arts. We feel that there is a need to connect female artists across genres in order to form a platform and community for female artists to support each other, share their work and research, and engage in intellectual exchange on our campus.

Prototype Summary: Our prototype involved a communal drawing for the purpose of connecting passersby on this social issue. At the location of the drawing, we passed out flyers and had information and data in support of this social issue. Additionally, we created a mock conference schedule and asked people who interacted with our board if they would attend a conference if the university were to make it possible.