Company (2015)

Company (2015) was the implementation of very basic business theory in the creation of a fictitious company called Entity, Enterprise. Under the umbrella of Company, I was able to spin off many smaller projects that demonstrated a variety of standard business practices. Company consists of  many smaller projects that all address different components of business. By embedding myself into the business world by blurring the lines between reality and fiction, I deconstructed and reconstructed it in a way that questioned creative labor and personal representation.

Creative Job Opportunity Available

One idea I wanted to explore in Company was the notion of hired creativity. For Creative Job Opportunity Available, I researched and used job listings to create a job opportunity at Entity, Ent. I was interested in the language companies use when hiring creatives and how this language is different than the traditional “art-world” lexicon.

Business Cards

Business Cards is the distribution of Entity, Ent. business cards.


Entity Enterprise Organizational Chart

For Org Chart, I was interested in creating a workforce for my fake company. How big would it be? How would people report to each other? What would the demographics be? Based on research and experience, I determined what job positions were necessary for Entity, Enterprise to function as a company. I then filled these positions with the names of individuals whose work I utilized in the creation of Company. By work I mean, books, papers, Photoshop and Illustrator mock-ups, stock photography, etc. Then for each name, I hand-selected a stock photo to represent them.


I wanted to know what Entity, Ent.’s office space might look like. Using Google Sketch-up, I mocked up the idea of of a space that my fictitious company might inhabit. I was interested in creating a digital space for Entity, Ent. since the workforce was created through digital means (stock photos, online resources, etc.).

Year in Review – 2014

I installed Entity, Enterprise Organizational Chart in the Worth Ryder Art Gallery in May 2015. Included in this installation was a presentation called Year in Review – 2014. The presentation lifelessly scrolls between the heads of the company and unexplained graphs and charts, while the various branches of the company expand from the screen.


Consultation was a performance piece held in 2014 in the Worth Ryder Art Gallery. It was an hour and a half meeting held between an Entity, Ent. employee (me) and one of their clients (László Bolender). The consultation was the first out of a series of three. During Consultation, László signed a contract and was informed of Entity’s branding services. We then proceeded brainstorming his personal brand.