Artist (2014)

Comprised of 5 sub-projects, Artist blurs the line between reality and fiction. I decided to directly parasite off of the art world, picking and choosing the parts of it I wanted to use to inflate my artist persona. This project digs into various aspects of the controversial art world, including the myth of the artist and artistic verbiage. The project also explores bigger themes, such as access to and manipulation of information, and public and private identity.  The premise of Artist was that I, Mayela Rodriguez, was having my own solo show and was promoting it. The reality was that I was actually in a class show. I collaborated with a classmate to create a smaller gallery within the larger student gallery where I would show my work. Using my name, I exaggerated, and at many times explicitly lied, about my biography and artistic achievements. Each sub-project tells a different part of the story, all culminating in the confusing grand-opening of my show within a show.


I created Flyer for my “solo show” as a way to promote my show around campus. I posted the fliers in and around the art building, as a well as other parts of campus. I wanted Flyer to be believable by not revealing too much “fabricated” information.

Facebook Event

I further promoted my solo show with my piece Facebook Event. I invited friends and family to my first solo show to the event. Like Flyer, I did not want this piece to be too revealing of information. Instead, I warmly invited people to come to the show and see my newly published artist catalog. At the end of the event’s description, I linked people to my website.



For Website, I completely changed my website. I hand picked parts and pieces from famous artists’ bios, websites, and cv’s. I used their words to make my own, only making changes to pronouns and years. I kept photos of my original pieces of work, juxtaposing them with descriptions of famous works of art. Instead of Mayela Rodriguez, UC Berkeley Student, I instantly became Mayela Rodriguez, world-renowned artist.


Catalog is the physical manifestation of the information I collaged together for Website. It is printed, bound, and functions like a book. It is meant to be interacted with.


The last sub-project is Gallery, a Google Sketchup animation for a proposed gallery devoted to my work. Gallery, adds a sense of futuristic urgency to the overall project. It further pushes the concept past a local level to a broader, global level.

Final Installation